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Coalition for Training Research and Development (CTRaDe) Pvt. Ltd, a multi-sectoral company, offers the best expertise, excellence and scalable services in multi-thematic areas. trade works with multi-sectoral agencies to provide technical support on capacity building of different organizations including Academic Institutions, Civil Society Organizations and Local Governments in Nepal. Further, CTRaDe supports on development intervention to engage the private sector to scale up the impact. Towards this regard, the CTRaDe has realized, in the face of the pertinent challenges of individuals of enhancing their basic employability skill to approach for potential job opportunities that there is a need to conduct a workshop on Employability Skill Development in order to equip participants with the skill to develop and improvise bio-data/curriculum vitae, cover letter including interview facing and hence portray potentiality for required job or assignment.

Course Description 

Employability Skill Development is a process that focuses on helping one understand one’s own self, as well as work trends so that one can take an informed decision about their self-employability and education. Individuals often struggle to make their next professional move or get a new jobEmployability Skill Development Workshop does not give jobs; they don’t promote specific jobs or industries. Rather, the workshop enables participants to understand what drives them and helps them find professions that best suit their needs, goals, and personalities.

CV/Resume/Bio data is the first impression that a prospective employer gets of you, so it needs have to a carefully composed document.  Here’s how to write a CV: Make sure you know when to use a CV, Pick the best CV format, Adding your contact information the right way, Start with a CV personal profile (CV summary or CV objective),  List your relevant work experience & key achievements, Build your CV education section correctly.

Of this course also focuses on critical success factors for effective interviewing. There will be many opportunities for practice and participants will receive both trainer and peer feedback on their performance.

This workshop focuses on to learn and develop your knowledge and skills on how to produce an effective CV, application letter as well as interview skills that will give you a better chance of being successful in your search for a job. Participants will also be encouraged to prepare an action plan for their further development.

Course Objectives: 

  • Steps: job planning, writing CV, job search, application writing, preparing for interview, attending interview
  • Employability Skill Development: Goal setting, career assessment, job search and writing CV
  • Difference between Resume/ Bio data and CV
  • Understand what comprises an effective CV
  • Write and edit CV, application letter by Self,
  • Sharpen self-interview skills (before and during the interview)
  • Discuss about the tips, tricks and technique for interview and CV writing

Course Outline:

  • Employability Skill Development (Goal Setting, assessment, future plan, job search) – 1 hour
  • Understanding CV/Resume and Bio Data, Writing C.V (basic steps of CV/model format)- 1 hour
  • Writing application letter – 1 hour
  • Interview Skills (preparation prior to interview: Tips and tricks)- 1 hour
  • Public speaking tips; conquering your F.E.A.R (30 min)

Course Benefits:

  • Feel more confident in your preparation for a CV writing, job application and interview
  • Understand the needs of your potential employer and communicate your skills and experience to fit those needs
  • Practice how to present yourself best
  • Be confident asking for feedback

Who should attend:

Students of BBA/ BCA/BIT and anyone who wants to sharpen their skills, knowledge and experience on employability skill development. Maximum 30 participants in one group.

Course Facilitation

The training will be delivered by competent and well experienced facilitators/ instructors from the Coalition for Training Research and Development PVT.LTD. Training methodology will include; brainstorming, group discussions, demonstration and exercise and social games.

 Course Duration, Venue and Modality of Payments

The course will be conducted at the Kathmandu and date will be decided on consultation with academic institution/colleges. The venue will be college premises. course fee per person will be NRS 1500/- per with 13 percent VAT extra. For college/institution the charge will be 2500 plus VAT per person. Outside Kathmandu valley the cost will be 3500 with VAT The fee includes facilitator cost, snacks and certificate of attendance. We also conduct trainings on other pertinent social protection issues, business development, project management in demand basis

Contact details

This is a one-day training event that CTRaDe delivers as an in-house or anywhere in Kathmandu valley. The cost of our professional development courses includes the learning materials, refreshments (tea and snacks). To discuss your individual needs, email at info@ctradenepal.com contactctrade@gmail.com  or call us on 9841996660 or 9841996659. Booking terms and conditions will be as above.

Course copy right: Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt Ltd ,2020

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